Beautiful Young Woman asking for SilenceAre you sometimes hesitant to open your mouth, even though there is something you really want to say?

Is fear of speaking up keeping you and your results small?

Are there too many opportunities you have missed as a result?

It is truly vital for all of us to acquire the strategies and tools we need to change any pattern of fear we may have, to a new reality of confidence in ourselves and in the value of what we have to share with others.

From all that I have read and experienced personally, childhood is when we started to lose the confidence that is our birthright.

As children, we generally get a ton of negative messages, telling us to shut up, even when we have something we would love to share.

Our parents or caregivers lose patience with the endless why, why, why of small children. They sometimes go so far as to utter that hurtful and destructive expression of exasperation: Will you just shut up!!! That is certainly scary to a small child.

Then there’s school. As a former teacher myself, I know that we had the unrealistic expectation that the children in our classes should sit quietly, listen attentively to whatever lesson we were trying to share, and only speak when called on.

So it is no wonder that we continue to suffer from the negative perception that it is not safe for us to speak up. It is a double whammy from both our home and school experiences.

This fear of speaking up can cause great damage in 3 major areas:

  1. When we have something important to say and don’t allow ourselves to say it, we end up beating ourselves up for not sharing our thoughts. It is not a happy way to live.
  2. We all have gifts and abilities that some people in this world desperately need. When we fail to speak up out of fear, those people who need us also lose out.
  3. When we don’t serve those whom we are meant to serve, we are not fulfilling our obligation to leave this world a better place than we found it.

The mission underpinning all the work I do is to empower you to gain confidence in speaking to others, so that you can reach your full potential and be able to freely share your gifts with the world.

So I encourage you to take advantage of the information I provide in my blog posts and programs, so that you can uncover your unique voice, liberate yourself to use it, and enjoy your own Vibrant Vocal Power.