(modestly presented)

Nothing provides greater joy…

than knowing you have helped people accomplish their goals and shine their light.

It’s even more gratifying when they give you permission to share their words.

Jon Isenberg

I had to give a 100 minute technical presentation and was petrified that I would put people to sleep.  I talked with Marjorie Saulson who gave me suggestions on how to structure my presentation.  I took 2 1/2 pages of notes.

By using her suggestions in my presentation, not only did no one fall asleep, but I received questions and referral opportunities.
I highly recommend her for anyone who needs to create a fun & energetic presentation that does not put people to sleep!

Cloris Kylie

I met Marjorie Saulson through a group focused on collaboration. I was immediately drawn to Marjorie’s enthusiasm, passion for what she does, unwavering commitment, and desire to contribute her expertise to the group. 

When it comes to mastering your public speaking skills, Marjorie is a true expert!

Amy Crane

Marjorie really over delivers in her training program. Each lesson is clear and straight to the point. I never felt overwhelmed and I finished each module knowing exactly what steps I needed to take next.

I was able to book 2 extra referrals at a networking event based on one simple tip she shared. These were 2 great referrals I would have missed out on!

Heidi McElvaine

Marjorie has helped me to feel so much more confident, both in my personal life and in my business. I no longer sweat and worry that I will be called on to present. I can speak clearly and confidently about myself and about what I offer.

If I hadn’t taken Marjorie’s course and worked with her one on one on my signature speech, I would still be floundering, feeling lost, and overcome by anxiety. Thank you so much, Marjorie, you have saved my life!

Gena Conti

I owe many, many thanks to Marjorie Saulson, for her very helpful, straight forward, common sense approach to marketing. She has certainly provided many “aha” moments.

Whether you are finding, discovering, or reinventing your voice or your message (personal or professional), Marjorie’s insight, coaching, and positive plans for action are an enlightening booster shot in the arm and psyche.

Gwen Schultz

I had a panel discussion coming up in a few weeks. I called Marjorie and we went to work. Not only did she guide me through the normal jitters process, but after organizing my thoughts and learning speaking skills, I did not even use my notes. I am ready to do it again.

Additionally, I had a delicate situation on a board on which I sit. I ran my thoughts by Marjorie and she beautifully made it very simple for me to move ahead and take control elegantly with confidence and without confrontation.

Marjorie Farnsworth

Marjorie Saulson is my public speaking coach. She is helping me to go through all my free reports, ideas, headings and everything else with a fine tooth comb, patience, wisdom and a sense of humor.

She is wonderful, and I know that I will go from a good public speaker to a great one because of her thoroughness, experience and encouragement!

Thom Harrison

Marjorie Saulson offers a wealth of insights from a lifetime of passion and experience. The networking session alone was filled with useful tips that will surely make a difference!

Diane Sussman

It was a true pleasure participating in Marjorie’s course. I enjoyed and looked forward to every module, and I think the others in the class also received a lot of information and wisdom from you. You always had a relevant answer to questions asked, and there was a loving approach to what you said. I received your wisdom, not just your knowledge.

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