The one thing that can really sabotage your success in business is having the mindset that you really dislike selling, that you’re not good at it; or even worse, the sinking sensation you get when you feel that you’ve got to make a sale.

For most people, especially those starting out in business, selling can seem pushy and sleazy, something to be avoided at all costs — which of course is a huge cost to your business.

And the negative energy of needing to make a sale is a huge turnoff to any potential client or customer.

In the video above, I suggest replacing the word sales with the word offer.

There is a totally different energy around the word offer. An offer is a gift, which may or may not be accepted; but is much more comfortable to share in a conversation than trying to sell something.

I also throw in a suggestion about the negative energy that can surround the word contract, and offer an alternative word to use if an actual contract is not legally required.

Check it out. I’d love to know what you think.