Have you ever tuned out of someone’s presentation on a subject of interest to you because the speaker kept boring on in a monotone that almost put you to sleep?

The best message in the world can be ruined by a boring tone of voice.

What’s the cure for boring your listeners to death? Vocal variety.

In the video in this post, I share the six different aspects of vocal variety:

  1. Pitch – rising and falling intonation
  2. Pitch Characteristics – clear, gravelly, breathy, constricted, velvety
  3. Tempo – fast, slow, moderate, varied
  4. Volume – moderate, soft, loud, varied
  5. Placement – normal, back of throat, front of mouth, nasal
  6. Pausing

You can get a better idea of how all of these characteristics can be used by listening to the video.

It may feel funny at first to add some vocal variety to your presentations, but it will certainly help to keep your audience engaged in your talk.

And just remember the wisdom of Michelle PW, You can’t bore someone into buying from you.

You can check out other videos from this series on my YouTube channel by clicking here.