Businesswoman staring crumpled papers on her deskAre you one of those people who has absolutely no trouble discussing things with other people; but as soon as you sit down in front of a PC or tablet, your mind goes as blank as the screen?

This poses a real challenge in today’s business world, since creating content (whether speeches, blog posts, or presentations, etc.) is a vitally important responsibility. It is the way we get our message out there, whether we speak it or publish it online or in print; so that we can attract our ideal clients and increase our business and income as well.

Even if you always got red marks all over your papers in school and are sure that writing is not in your skill set, do not dispair. There is hope for you.

Here are a few reasons why writing may be such a challenge, and some strategies to deal with those challenges.

When you sit down to write, do you try to start at the beginning with the first sentence and write right through to the end? Actually, the opening sentence is often one of the hardest to write. In these days of the glories of cut and paste, it is very simple to just start anywhere, and then rearrange your thoughts once you have gotten them out of your head and into the document.

Do you feel like you have no clue what to write? That means that you are not taking advantage of my strategy of letting your subconscious mind write most of your copy for you. (See my blog post on how to do this here.)

Do you try to make your writing perfect the first time around? That is virtually impossible. To quote writer and writing teacher, Anne Lamott, you need to write what she calls (and please pardon the vulgarity) a shitty first draft.

Do you try to write long pieces all at once? This is definitely a situation where you need to divide the writing up into manageable amounts.

Do you remember the old riddle about how you eat an elephant? The answer is one bite at a time. Any time you bite off a bigger writing assignment than you can chew, you are setting yourself up either for failure to finish; or, even more likely, failure to start because the job seems so overwhelming.

Creating effective messages that can attract your ideal clients and build your business and income is a very important skill to cultivate. It is a skill that you can acquire with a judicious combination of coaching, determination and practice.

I wish you every success in doing so.