fear of public speakingDo you experience fear of public speaking?

Most people think of public speaking as having to give a speech. I have a different and much broader definition.

According to my definition, public speaking is any time you talk to someone other than yourself.

Think about it!

  1. Would you rather have a root canal than go to a networking event?
  2. Do your hands shake or your voice get wobbly when you have to make a sales presentation?
  3. Instead of asking for a raise or a promotion, did you wait for it to be granted; and it went to someone else less deserving than you?
  4. Have you ever taken the lead on a project, only to see someone else claim the credit; and you were unable to speak up and set the record straight?
  5. Are you one of those people who absolutely has to do all three thousand four hundred and sixty two items on your to-do list before you could possibly pick up the phone and call someone?

If you said yes to any of the above you are expressing a fear of public speaking.

I invite you to ask yourself this question: What is my biggest challenge or fear when it comes to speaking to other people?

Until you get clear on the answer to that question, you will continue to struggle with that particular aspect of building your business and creating the results you want.

For me the answer to that question was item number 5 on the list, picking up the phone and calling people. That fear was keeping both me and my results small. Not only that, it meant that I was of less service to my clients than I had committed myself to be.

It wasn’t until I learned a great system from an expert in this area, that I became comfortable picking up the phone at any time for any reason, whether for making an initial phone call, following up with a prospective client, or connecting with one of my current or past clients.

If there is some area of public speaking in which you are not as confident as you would like to be, I invite you to download my free ebook, Communicate with Clarity and Confidence. In it, I delineate the 10 Powerful Pathways to Become a Calm, Confident Communicator and Easily Attract Your Ideal Clients.

This updated and expanded ebook includes a bonus pathwayHow to get your nerves to serve you instead of sabotaging you.

I invite you to access this practical and encouraging guide at http://OvercomeYourSpeakingFears.com.


P.S. Please feel free to share the link to this incredibly helpful guide with anyone who may need help overcoming their own public speaking fears.