Be a Good Listener To Do List Reminder Hear Learn UnderstandIt has been said that the reason we were given two ears and only one mouth is to remind us to use them proportionally.

Unfortunately, giving another person the courtesy of one’s full attention appears to be a dying art. Too many television shows seem to glorify the person who can interrupt other people the most often and in the loudest voice.

Yet giving one’s full attention to someone is one of the most powerful methods there is for creating a sense of connection with that person.

When we really listen, really tune in to the other person, not just to the words, but to the tone of voice and the emotion expressed, we immediately increase the know, like and trust factor that is essential to building a positive relationship.

Interrupting another person is not only a sign of disrespect; it is a bad business practice. And it can certainly damage one’s personal relationships as well.

This is particularly true if someone has an issue with a product or service that we have provided. If we don’t truly listen with an open mind, there is little chance that we will be able to resolve the issue and keep the person as a customer or client.

Bad manners are bad for business!

What Listening Says About Your Brand, by David Hagenbuch, talks about listening as a business strategy. You can check out what he has to say here.

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