fan handMy husband Saul is a football fanatic. I always know that I will have time to catch up on my work when there is a game on TV.

It turns out that there is a lot any business person can learn from the National Foodball League when it comes to creating (literally) raving fans (a much over-used term, but certainly appropriate in this context).

In his recent Entrepreneur article, 6 Things the NFL’s Focus on ‘Fan Engagement’ Can Teach Small Business, author John Rampton asks the question: How has the National Football League managed to make football America’s favorite sport?

He argues that one reason is because of the way the League keeps fans engaged. Here are some of the strategies he mentions:

    1. The product is accessible. It basically can be found on any and every electronic communication device available today.
    2. Fans are invited to be a part of the team. My favorite example from those John shares is from eyeglasses manufacturer Warby Parker. Every month, the company shares its favorite photos of customers wearing its glasses on its official Instagram account.
    3. Fan experience is constantly improved. Given the long wait times ladies usually have to endure, they have got to love using the app that tells them how long the lines to the restrooms are.

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