boy listening to retro radioWOW!! It has been really exciting for me to be honored as one of the various business, industry and thought leaders who have been interviewed by Jack Mize for his program on Influencers Radio.

During the show, Jack asked me about my background and how I happened to end up helping people improve their marketing, public speaking and networking skills.

Among the things I shared on the podcast were:

  1. One of my most favorite tips for over-coming your fear of public speaking: namely to stop running horror movies in your mind ahead of time, and to replace them with predictions of a positive outcome.
  2. A vitally important mindset shift when you are attending a networking event: to go with the idea of building relationships first, not making a sale. I also included a handy hint on a powerful start to answering the What do you do? question.

I would really love to hear what you think of my podcast, and how the information I shared might be useful to you.

You can check it our here.