GremlinsFive years ago I wrote a post describing my theory about gremlins.

My theory is that all hardware and software come with gremlins, and that these gremlins like to come out to play with us during the following four situations:

  1. When we are learning something new;
  2. When we are in a hurry;
  3. When it’s really important; and
  4. When we haven’t backed it up.

The situation I described in that post was related to situation number 3. I had planned to make available a replay of my webinar on 3 Game Changing Keys to Making Money Faster and More Easily by Harnessing Your Unique Business Voice.

Unfortunately the gremlins ate the recording of the webinar, so I was unable to keep my promise to provide a replay for those folks who couldn’t join me live.

One important lesson I learned is to give any webinar at least twice; so that there will be not one, but two chances for people to access it, as well as for me to make a recording of it that actually works.

Now that we are living in a mainly virtual world, the gremlins have a whole new playing field upon which to devil us with their tricks.

  1. People’s faces suddenly freeze in the middle of sharing some vital piece of information.
  2. The dreaded message pops up on your screen about your internet connection being unstable.

What can really get unstable in the face of these tricks is one’s temper. Oh, no! Not again!

This happened to me recently at the worst possible time. I was about to be interviewed on Jeff Crilley’s live television show when my WiFi went out. YIKES!

Fortunately Jeff was gracious enough to invite me back again, at which time the gremlins were thankfully on their best behavior and let the show go on as planned. (You can read about it and see a link to that show here.)

Have you also had some experiences with gremlins? I’d love to hear about them; as it’s good to know that none of us is alone in dealing with these mischievous creatures..

Please commiserate with other victims of the gremlins’ tricks by using the Comment section below.