The first time you listened to the sound of your voice in a recording or video, did you like how you sounded or did you cringe?

The truth is that our voice truly does sound different when we hear it inside our head as opposed to coming into our ears from the outside.

If you don’t like how you sound, improving the sound of your voice involves 3 key factors.

First, whether you are speaking or you are singing, your body is your instrument. You need to keep it in tune. Ask yourself:

  1. Are you getting enough rest so you don’t sound tired?
  2. Are you drinking enough water to keep your vocal chords happily hydrated?

Second, vocal chords are often called pipes. There’s a good reason for that. Like an organ, they need sufficient air to function well. Ask yourself:

  1. Are you breathing deeply enough to increase the vocal resonance of your voice?
  2. Do you take a deep breath before every sentence you speak?

Lastly, there’s a whole list of vocal do’s and don’ts that you will hear in the training. Here are a couple of very important ones:

  1. Don’t yell. Yelling puts a lot of stress on your vocal chords. (If you have to yell, support the sound with a very deep breath.)
  2. Yawn widely and at length to fill your lungs with air.
  3. Wake up your lips and tongue with tongue twisters. You’ll find some fun ones in the video.

You will hear lots of other helpful suggestions when you watch the video.

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